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Ascort TSV 1300




The Ascort TSV 1300 is an Australian coachbuilt 2 + 2 coupe, which was designed and produced in limited numbers in Sydney Australia from 1958 to 1961. The car was built on a Volkswagen floorpan, which had some suspension upgrades, and power coming from an Okrasa TSV 1300 aircooled engine.  The Ascort was not a “kit car” and was sold as a completed quality coachbuilt car for the motoring enthusiast.  The inspiration of the Ascort design came from the Karmann Ghia, and although the 2 designs shared similar dimensions, the Ascort had significantly higher performance than the Karmann Ghia, greater range thanks to twin fuel tanks, and significantly more interior and boot space.  The Ascort also had a higher level of appointment than the Karmann Ghia.



This web site has been developed with the assistance of the family of the designer (Mirek Craney) and owners of several surviving Ascorts.  It has been developed to provide the history and details of the make for motoring enthusiasts, and those who may be restoring an Ascort.  It is also hoped that this web site will give any person who has historic Ascort photos or has knowledge of the make, or individual cars, the opportunity to share.