The Designer Mirek Craney



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3. Ascort Models




1:43 Scale Modelling of the Ascort


As no commercially produced models of the Ascort are known to exist, an attempt has been made to produce a limited number of 1:43 scale resin replicas.  The models are mounted on a fixed base and do not have turning wheels.



The basic shape was created from resin, and filler, with items such as wheels and lights taken from other similar scale models.



A grey 3D primer filler was applied so that fine correction could be made.  Headlights were corrected and  re-positioned, and then a base added to the model.  A silicone mould was then taken of the model so that resin reproductions could be made.



A series of resin castings were made.  Some corrections were made and a further mould taken.  The first model is brush painted (dark blue) to test how the models look.  Further models were then made and spray painted, with details hand painted by brush.


A small run of models were made for the Craney family, other Ascort owners and some coachbuilt VW enthusiasts in Europe,