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1. Notes about the design, written by the designer, Mirek Craney.

2. The Okrasa TSV 1300 engine.

3. Ascort features and what the parts are common to.

4. Prototype Construction.



Ascort TSV 1300 Specifications


Engine VW aircooled 36hp modified with Okrasa TSV 1300 kit to produce 54bhp.

77.0mm bore, 69.5mm stroker crank, dual port heads, dual solex 32mm carbs.

Fram oil filter and copper coil oil cooler.

Transmission VW transaxle, split case style from the late 1950s

Chassis VW beetle stock pan from the late 1950s

Suspension VW with reduced rear camber, Koni shock absorbers and front stabiliser bar.

Ignition and electrics 6V with points ignition.

Steering VW late 50s worm and roller.

Brakes VW late 1950s. (Some cars have Porsche 356 but these are not believed to be stock original).

Wheels VW late 50s - 15 x 4 with slotted wheel trims and smooth hubcaps.

Tyres 560 x 15 cross plies.

Fuel tank Twin 8 gallon tanks. Filler on left tank only. Right tank filled by cross feed lines.

Body Glass fibre with inner and outer mouldings bonded to create box sections.

Wheelbase 2400mm; Front track 1290mm; Rear track 1250mm.

Length 4305mm; Width 1576mm; Height 1448mm.


Top Speed (Measured by Modern Motor Magazine) 155km/hr

Standing Quarter Mile (Measured by Modern Motor Magazine) 20.0 secs

Average fuel consumption (Measured by Modern Motor Magazine) 36mpg (7.8litres/100km)